It has become increasingly critical for financial institutions to fortify their security measures, especially in light of the rising threats posed by data

Are your text messages as secure as you think? With the growing reliance on texting for sensitive business communication, it’s more important than

Your customers and employees have crucial information on their smartphones. Therefore, a scam such as SIM swapping can have costly consequences not only

SMS fraud prevention should be one of the top priorities for large enterprises and governments. As fraudsters become more organized and effective, more

SMS is the top communication channel for consumers. Organizations worldwide use it to interact and engage with their audiences. But while it’s gaining

We are excited to share we have expanded the scope of our ISO 27001 certification to continue selfguarding our customers’ data. In addition

Anyone with a mobile phone in 2022 has probably seen a smishing message on their screen, even if they don’t know what smishing

Healthcare Pagers, or beepers, have been a trusted ally to the healthcare industry for well over 60 years. The technology was developed back

SMS Messaging in Government You will likely have received an incident alert, appointment reminder or general announcement from your local government agencies. There